Live Life Mobile Alarm Testimonials

To all prospective buyers!!!
My husband has Parkinsons Disease!! He took a bad fall in our yard in March, split his head open and got a mild concussion. Fortunately I drove into the yard just 3 minutes behind him!!! For the next 5-6 weeks I was afraid to leave him alone for very long!! I am still a very active senior, I curl twice a week, coach a ball team, etc. Also we live on an acreage with no close neighbors. So we decided that we needed an alarm system with fall detection.
After a lot of research into them, nothing looked like it would work for us and give both of us peace of mind and some freedom from the house!!!
Then I found LiveLife!!! Just what I was looking for, it works anywhere he goes, to appointments by himself, in the yard, or visiting his friends, or if I am away from him!!! It gave us both back our independence again that seniors both want and need, even after 55 years of marriage, you can’t be together constantly!!!
He never even notices that he is wearing it, and as a bonus, our daughter can always find where we are, not sure if that is good or bad???
I recently gave a talk and demo at our Sherwood Park Parkinsons Support Group and so many were very impressed with it, hope that they get one also, it is a great thing for all caregiver, and also the user!!!
Thanks again for a fantastic product!!!
Kathy Laughren Sherwood Park, AB
Kathy Laughren, Calgary, AB

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After a fall in the late evening last christmas in which I hurt my arm I was so happy to have my alarm on. I was stuck on the floor but fortunately my contacts were notified and came to check up. After a trip to the hospital for several stitches I was able to return home knowing the unit worked perfecly. I would highly recommend it .

Brian Leah, Toronto, ON
To Whom It May Concern
I am writing this review because of my great satisfaction in purchasing and using the personal mobile alarm with LiveLife.
I did a lot of research before choosing this unit.
Other companies providing a similar unit had very expensive monitoring fees.
LiveLife had a very reasonable 1 time purchase price and a minor annual fee after the first year for emergency calls and texts. The savings is unbeatable.
Other amazing qualities about the unit: the only one I could find with a built in speaker…..other companies required a spate wireless speaker being placed in your home. The built in speaker of the LiveLife unit can even be heard easily with someone who is hard of hearing.
The unit can track where someone is located outside the home, and has fall detection.
If someone has alzheimers, or starts to develop it, you can call LiveLife and they can enable a feature, at no extra charge, that gives extra monitoring features for someone with “wandering” problems.
The unit is small, can be worn around the neck or on the wrist and is simple to activate, for the person wearing it, in an emergency.
It is easily recharged on the included base.
It will even send a low battery alert to the people/persons on the contact list.
Long and short, this is a well designed unit, that would be hard to beat for features and price.
David Chivers
David Chivers, Toronto, ON
The reason I purchased the LiveLife mobile alert is because I’ve been worried about Dad for quite a while now. A friend of a friend bought the LiveLife alert about a week ago for their Dad and the day after he received it he had a very bad fall and the alarm worked perfectly. If he hadn’t had the alarm they say the outcome would not have been good at all. I also love that I can call Dad on his mobile alert any time I like. I think we’ll give up on his cellphone which will basically pay for his mobile alarm. -:)
Diane Summers, Toronto, ON

Dear Live Life Alarms: I wanted to write to you with another positive testimonial re the Live Life Alarms customer support.  My mother-in-law has had a Live Life Alarm pendant for several years now and it has really provided her with confidence to continue to live independently while knowing that we are all just a pendant touch away. We recently had an issue with the pendant battery, and rather than have my mother-in-law be temporarily without a pendant if we sent it in for repair, we decided to upgrade to the latest model unit. To proceed, and in developing options, etc, we worked with Live Life Alarms’ Patricia Bromfield through the company’s online chat system, and as always, we found her to be so very professional, helpful, and responsive. I continue to say, if I ever had a company, I would want Patricia on my team. She is an excellent representative and ambassador for Live Life Alarms. I also wanted to say that the new 4GX model of the pendant is a continued demonstration of the evolution of the product making an excellent pendant even better. Well done!

John Marczak, Ontario. By email 24 April 2020.
We are so happy that Mary Lou and family told us about the pendant – it is such a great device. It had come up in conversation late in the fall and then I asked them again more about it and ordered one almost on the spot. I could not be happier with the product and service.
Erica Hayhurst, Calgary, AB
I would highly recommend purchase of this device from this company. It is a Canadian company with unbelievable service! I talked to Osmond, the service rep and Phil the owner on more than one occasion and they were kind, caring and patient with my questions even though their website clearly explains their product (I did not carefully read it before I called). There was no pressure to buy. Thanks, it was a real pleasure to deal with you!
Dianne Scobie
Dianne Scobie, Saskatoon, SK