LiveLife Mobile Alarm. Safety for independent
and active seniors.

With the LiveLife Mobile Alarm you can go anywhere knowing help is just a press of a button away. It is perfect for seniors who like to be independent and active. It’s also an excellent option for seniors living at home who may not have a landline.

It is a stylish pendant that works using the same cellular phone technology as a mobile phone, but without the complicated features.


Using the best available 3G and 4G mobile network in your area and in-built GPS tracking the pendant calls up to 5 emergency contacts one by one. You can even include ‘911’ if you wish.

At the same time it sends up to 5 help messages via text with a link to Google Maps showing the pendant user’s location to within 2 metres.

When one of the emergency contacts answers, the wearer is able to talk hands free through the waterproof pendant. Anyone who knows the mobile number of the pendant can call it and it will answer in speaker-phone mode automatically. Watch Video