Awards and design

LiveLife Mobile Alert wins reddot award for product design
The Mobile Alarm was recently announced a winner of the prestigious, German reddot award in product design for communication devices. Winners in this award category included the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, the Blackberry Passport and the Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Smartphone.
German design and engineering
The Mobile Alarm was designed in Germany using advanced technologies; including world’s best hardware and circuitry and highest quality chips and parts. Custom firmware (software) designed specifically for Canadian conditions.
Swiss precision GPS built-in
The Mobile Alarm uses the Swiss designed, Ublox 8 GPS module for high sensitivity and minimal acquisition times to fix the pendant’s position. The GPS during testing has been more accurate than an iPhone 6. Super fast time to first fix and low power consumption. The device also uses GLONASS (Global Satellite Navigation System) to compliment GPS. Features in detail click here.

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