LiveLife Mobile Alarm – 4GX Replacement


Go almost anywhere knowing help is just a press of a button away should you need assistance. Works anywhere. GPS. Automatic fall detection. Hands free 2 way voice.

What it does
Works using the best available mobile network based on where you are at any given time. When help is needed, the user presses the SOS button for 3 seconds. The device will text and sequentially call up to 5 emergency contacts. 911 can be a number. Whoever answers first is the one that the user can speak with in a 2-way conversation. The emergency text messages include a link to Google Maps showing the user’s GPS location. The unit stops the sequence of calls when the wearer clicks the SOS button. The mobile personal alert weighs the same as four quarter coins. It’s waterproof and comfortable to wear with the lanyard provided or on your favourite chain.

Never get lost
If any of the contacts need to find the user, they need only need to send a text to the Mobile Alarm. They’ll then receive a reply text with a link to its location on Google maps. Anyone knowing the number can call the Mobile Alarm and the device will automatically answer in speakerphone mode. The phone icon button on the side of the unit allows the user to call one of the contacts directly with a 2 sec push of the button.

Main Features

  • Wear it with confidence. Just press a button when you need help.
  • Uses GPS and Google maps to send your location to your contacts immediately.
  • Works wherever there is 3G & 4G mobile coverage (covering 99% of Canada).
  • In built fall detection for serious falls. Sends “fall alert” to up to 5 contacts.
  • Automatically answers calls in speakerphone mode.
  • Program up to 5 emergency phone numbers (mobile or landline).
  • Pendant has 2-way voice communication with high quality, easy to hear audio.
  • Wearer of pendant can call and talk to a nominated contact at anytime.
  • Meets all Canadian standards of compliance.
  • Activating SIM card and programming your emergency contacts included in the cost.
  • Free delivery Canada wide.
  • Geo fence function available. Perfect for wanderers.
  • Can call 911.
  • Waterproof. Wear it in the shower.


Replacement – Water Damage

  • Programming up to 5 emergency contacts inc. 911.
  • Testing & follow-up instructions.
  • New sim not included if damaged, additional charge.

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