Reactivation Fee


KORE SIM – Annual fee of $55.00 at start of Year 2. Set up and forget plan. No hassles. Reminder notification will be sent out yearly. Includes unlimited emergency voice calls and texts for one year. Includes setup and activation and installation into your Live Life Mobile Alarm. Includes postage and taxes.



Unlimited emergency voice & text using the best signal from either Rogers, Telus or Bell.
Included in your purchase will be unlimited emergency voice and text for the first year of use. Your sim card will pick the best mobile tower in your area whether it’s Telus, Bell, Rogers or Sasktel. Then it’s just $55 each additional year. Towards the end of Year 1 you’ll be sent an email reminder to renew you next year of service for $55. The reactivation fee includes a year of service.

If you would like to enjoy the best coverage in Canada and never have to worry about running out of credit when you need it the most then you should select this plan. We’ve worked hard to tailor a custom plan with Canada’s four largest mobile operators that’s affordable and will never let you down.


  • Never worry about running out of credit when you need it the most.
  • No need to check websites to see how much credit is remaining on your alarm.
  • You’ll have access to the best network signal no matter where you are in Canada.
  • With this plan we can remotely update the software in your device as improvements become available.
  • No need to even think about cost per minute or cost per text. We’ve got you covered.
  • Set and forget plan. No hassles.*

*Fair use policy applies. The Live Life mobile alarm is an emergency device and we expect it to be used as such.


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