In October this year the Canadian Department of Veteran Affairs approved the Live Life mobile medical alert as a fully reimbursable item that can be prescribed to Veterans at risk of falling.

This is great news for Veterans as it means that with a simple visit to their DVA Doctor they can be prescribed the Live Life mobile medical alarm with automatic fall detection.

The Live Life mobile medical alert works everywhere in Canada allowing Veterans to move about freely knowing that at a touch of a button their location will be sent to as many as five loved ones before commencing a calling sequence to friends and family. Whoever answers first can have a two way conversation with the Veteran as the mobile alarm pendant has automatic 2 way voice enabled. It sounds just like talking to someone on a high end mobile phone in speakerphone mode.

The automatic fall detection is very clever at being able to detect deceleration or impact with the ground. When a fall is detected the Veteran is given fair warning (the mobile alarm beeps loudly for 20 seconds allowing the fall alert to be cancelled by a click of the button) that the fall alert sequence will activate however if they’re unconscious or unable to move then the mobile alert will automatically text a “fall alert” message with the Veterans GPS location to as many as 5 friends or family. 911 can also be programmed as one of the numbers that the mobile alert pendant calls.

For more information Veterans should call Live Life Alarms Inc on 18778017172.