COVID-19 does not discriminate however, as many of us know, the elderly are more at risk should they come in contact with the virus. This is why staying at home and social distancing has become such an important part of our everyday life and has made it particularly more difficult for those who are most vulnerable.

During this pandemic, having a medical alert device can help you keep tabs on your loved ones from afar providing ‘care extenders’ for many elders who may live alone, are independent and remain active. In the era of COVID-19, a device such as ours can bridge the gap between being vulnerable and alone in self isolation to being independent and connected to the ones who love and care about you most. Personal medical alert devices offer peace of mind to caregivers, care patients, and loved ones that their family members are being monitored in the event of a fall or the onset of sudden symptoms such as shortness of breath or fevers.

LiveLife Alarms offers a personal mobile alarm device that is ideal for independent self-isolated seniors that works anywhere in Canada. Our device has the added benefit of contactless set-up and will not require anyone to enter their home. Our customer service team will do all the set-up up front, so it is ready to use out of the box. Additionally, the pendant comes with 3 accessories for comfortable wear including a wrist band, a lanyard and a belt clip depending on your preference.

LiveLife alarms believes our mobile alert device can positively impact the lives of our customers during such uncertain times and provide a safe and independent quality of life. For more information please check out our FAQS page or call us Toll Free at 1-877-801-7172.